Yorokobi Massage Chair

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Discover the Ultimate Massage Experience: Intelligent 3D Rollers, Customizable Settings, and Advanced Technology. Enjoy 23 automatic massage programs, airbag massage, heat treatment, and more. Elevate relaxation with a 7” touch screen remote and LED atmosphere lamps.

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This product is designed with a set of intelligent 3D massage manipulators with silent design that can move up and down and extend from front to back.

It is designed with automatic detection and micro-adjustment functions of the shoulder position, as well as automatic detection function of the human body curve and shiatsu massage points. Therefore, according to the detected human body curve and shiatsu massage points, it can automatically adjust the manipulators to extend from front to back, making the massage more user-friendly and scientific.
Four different automatic massage scenes are available: VIP, Healthcare, Special, and Relaxation. There are a total of 23 automatic massage programs.

There are three intelligent memory functions: Custom Storage Ⅰ, Custom Storage Ⅱ, and Custom Storage Ⅲ.
Manually select the massage function for the upper body; there are five options of massage positions (i.e. full range, local, fixed point, upper back, and lower back), as well as six massage techniques (i.e. shoulder lifting, kneading, tapping, shiatsu, simultaneous kneading and tapping, and 3D. For each massage technique, five speed levels can be switched; during massage in the state of tapping, and shiatsu, the massage balls of manipulators have five width levels for switching.
The airbag massage function is available: airbag massage function for the arms (8 built-in air bags), airbag massage function for the upper arms (4 built-in air bags), and three levels of air pressure intensity for adjustment.

The airbag massage function for the lower body is available: airbag massage function for the waist (4 built-in air bags), airbag massage function for the legs (4 built-in air bags), airbag massage function for the feet (16 built-in air bags), and three levels of air pressure intensity for adjustment.
This product is equipped with the back heat treatment function: carbon fiber is used as far infrared heat source.

The slide rail technology for the backrest ensures zero space between the backrest and wall, so as to save the space to the greatest extent.

The music player system is available. 3D digital audio systems are built into left and right upper arms. The Bluetooth function of the smart device can be used to play music wirelessly. ·This product is equipped with the waist massage function: use the air pressure on the waist to swing around for the waist massage, so as to relieve the tension of the waist muscles caused by prolonged sitting.

The right armrest is provided with a series of shortcuts, such as anion key, up key, lying key, zero-gravity key, ON/OFF (pause) key, automatic mode key, feet stretching key, and leg stretching key
Legrest up/down adjustment, linkage up/down adjustment, Zero Gravity I or Zero Gravity II are available.
This product is equipped with the leg kneading function: the forward and reverse kneading and airbag squeezing massage functions are provided on the legrest to relieve the stiffness or tension of the leg muscles caused by standing for a long period of time; there are three different kneading modes.
The foot roller massage function is available for the feet bottoms. Two massage balls can rotate around and massage the heels. Scraping massage is available for the foot arch and heels.

The footrest can perform automatic detection of the footrest length. When the legrest is raised or lowered to a suitable angle, the footrest will automatically detect the length of the feet and identify the most comfortable massage area.

The backrest guide adopts the curve guide technology, so it completely fits the curve of human back. The full body can enjoy full massage from the head to the thighs.

In the air bags for the left and right palms, there are salient massage bands with magnetic therapy function.

A 7” touch screen remote controller is equipped.
The left and right armrests are equipped with LED atmosphere lamps. ·The oxygen anion generators are available for the left and right arms. ·The right armrest is equipped with USB charging function. ·The upper arm is provided with the width adjustment function, which has two width levels for adjustment (when it reaches the innermost position, the inward arm pusher will release the arm after it moves for about one preset distance, and such arm pusher will be automatically reset, and so on). Such function is suitable for the users with different shoulder widths.

Such functions as shutdown, automatic sitting up, and automatic manipulator resetting are available.

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